Architect and wood expert for construction and real estate investment development

The home is an emotion to be enjoyed with pleasure in order to create for yourself and your family a place of aesthetic and comfortable elegance, but at the same time respectful of the environment.

My experience as an expert in eco-sustainable construction and real estate investments is at your service to guarantee the house of your dreams with the right emotion and elegance for you and the management of your business, through my services of:

Stefano Asquini

Born in Udine in 1967, graduated in architecture from the IUAV in Venice, he worked for 25 years as a freelancer, dealing with architectural, urban and environmental projects. In the last 10 years he has specialized in energy saving design as an Climate House expert and in the construction of eco-sustainable houses, with the technology of wood and other construction systems.

After my various professional experiences, which led me to collaborate with numerous administrations, companies and individuals, I decided to focus my attention on what have always been my main multidisciplinary attitudes and skills.

I am also a professional coach and communicator and therefore my role is that of a real guide to help the person to create his home, respecting his functional and aesthetic needs, in accordance with his emotions and feelings. Before illustrating the characteristics of my consultancy services, which are found on another page of the site, I will shed some light on what are my qualifications and skills with which, since the origins of my activity as a professional , I have always been led to manage complex processes as coordinator and project manager:

Since 1996 Expert in environmental assessment Since 1998 Expert with university master in sustainable development Since 1999 External evaluator of ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental management systems Since 2000 External evaluator of ISO 9001 quality management systems Since 2001 Qualification for the coordination of safety on construction sites pursuant to Legislative Decree 494/1996, with subsequent update to Legislative Decree 81/2008 Since 2008 Energy manager pursuant to art. 19 of Law 10/1991 Since 2009 Casa Clima qualified designer Since 2010 External auditor of ISO 45001 safety management systems Since 2011 external evaluator of ISO 50001 energy management systems Since 2014 Expert technical consultant in the field of wooden constructions Since 2015 Qualified technician for fire prevention pursuant to Legislative Decree 151/2011 Since 2016 Professional coach and mental trainer for professionals and entrepreneurs

Analytical data

My advice is divided into these ways:


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